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Give your new year diet a boost with ballet

The last week in January – officially the gloomiest week of the year. It’s the week when people start paying their post Christmas bills and crucially it’s when a lot of people give up on their new years resolutions.

‘Lose weight and get fit’ is one of the most popular resolutions and by now the gym and vegetables are probably starting to get pretty boring.

To stick to the diet resolution it’s important to shake up your routine and try new, exciting exercise methods and eating plans. Incorporating dance into a fitness regime will certainly keep things interesting and because it is such a fun form of exercise half the time you won’t even feel like you’re working to get fit.

The New York City Ballet workout book

Ballet is the perfect place to start. On average a ballet dancer burns around 370 calories an hour. For a more accurate figure for your weight click here. Not only does ballet burn calories but it greatly improves posture which gives the immediate impression of weight loss.

Ballet also works every single muscle in your body, especially your core, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when resting. Finally and most importantly ballet is great fun, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

It may look strict and disciplined but adult ballet classes can be great places to make friends and the buzz of exercising to beautiful music and pushing your body to the limits is second to none.

If you’re not quite ready to don a leotard and take to the barre, there are some really good ballet workouts that you can do at home. New York City Ballet workout has both a book and DVD. The workout is a mixture of pilates and ballet and is a great way to introduce yourself to the basics of ballet. Darcey Bussell also has a DVD and book ‘Pilates for Life’ which is more than just pilates and uses ballet technique to make it a great strengthening workout.


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