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In a bid to attract new audiences The Royal Ballet is spicing up its repertoire

Lewis Carroll’s bizarre Wonderland has become the new home of the Royal Ballet dancers this March. For the first time in 16 years the company has a new full-length ballet and the choice of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland may come as quite a surprise to the company’s followers.

Carroll’s iconic book is having a real renaissance at the moment as the ballet follows on from the success of Tim Burton’s animated film Alice. However whilst Tim Burton and the weird and wonderful ‘Alice’ go hand in hand, the famously high brow and traditional Royal Ballet seems completely at odds with it. The Royal Ballet appears to have mistaken itself for Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures!

The ballet is the work of English choreographer Christopher Wheeldon and features all the quirky parts of the book from dancing playing cards to flamingos and even a tap dancing Mad Hatter and a male Duchess! Considering the Royal Ballet’s audience isn’t used to such eccentric repertoire, based on initial reviews the ballet seems to be a huge success.  According to The Telegraph, visitors were filing through the rehearsal rooms well before the ballet was released. Another indicator of the interest that the new ballet is creating is that all the performances are (unfortunately!) sold out.

Let’s hope the new ballet is a success and that it becomes a permanent part of the Royal Ballet’s repertoire, so that more ballet lovers can enjoy this adventurous new side of the company.

An insight into the creation of Alice

Check out what Dancing Times Magazine has to say about the new production in their March issue that is out now!

Read The Guardian’s review here.


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