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Hollie Bond

Magazine journalist currently working for You & Your Wedding magazine and previously deputy editor of Family History Monthly magazine.

I attended The Arts Educational School, Tring Park until I was 18 and obtained a Diploma in Classical Dance. I still attend regular dance classes and have taken part in shows since I left Tring. I am passionate about dance and I write about dance for trained adult dancers and balletomanes. Following my dance education I attended Leeds University where I obtained a first in History and wrote my dissertation on Soviet Ballet. I trained as a journalist on the PTC accredited magazine journalism course at Cardiff University (postgraduate).

Me advertising Leeds Dance Show 2010


Comments on: "About Me" (5)

  1. Stephanie Whaley said:

    Hey Bondy!

    Just thought I’d leave a quick comment to say I enjoyed your blog…obvioulsy it is all a bit wasted on a non-dancer like me, however entertaining to read all the same!

    Ooh and I like the name of it, don’t say Reidy can take the credit for that one though?!

    Hope all is going well this term so far,
    Love steph

  2. Katarzyna Kruczynska said:

    Hi Hollie,
    I learnt about your work and found your contact detals via Dance Bloggers website and your blog. My name is Katarzyna Kruczynska and I am a master student at Uppsala University, Sweden, writing my dissertation from sociology. The topic of my thesis is :Why do dancers communicate? ” and I am interested in the relation between nonverbal and verbal codes in dancing as well as the way in which the experience of dancing is transferred into the world of online blogs.
    I would like to ask you if it is possible to conduct a short semi-interview/survey with you about your experience as a dancer and blogger. I understand that the actual meeting is impossible but what about an interview via email or skype? I would love to be given a chance to hear about your experiences and I am sure your contribution would mean very much to the progress of my dissertation.
    Of course any of your contact details would remain anonymous and would not be included in the text. I am also more than happy to send you the dissertation once it is finished.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you
    Best regards
    Katarzyna Kruczynska

    • holliebond said:

      Hi Katarzyna,
      Thank you for getting in contact. Your dissertation sounds very interesting and I would be happy to be interviewed for it. If you could email me the questions that would be best. My email address is:
      Thanks for taking an interest in my blog.

  3. arthur jones said:

    you’re a bit out of date here, Caryl Wilford stopped teaching at Rubicon in dec 2012

    • holliebond said:

      My review of rubicon was from 2011 when she was still teaching – please refer to the date of the post!

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