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Sergei Polunin walks out of Royal Ballet

Sergei Polunin has been likened to Nureyev

For many dancers becoming a member of the Royal Ballet Company is the ultimate goal. This is clearly not the case for the 21-year-old Ukrainian star Sergei Polunin however, who unexpectedly quit the company on Tuesday afternoon. Hot on the heels of Osipova and Vasiliev who quit the Bolshoi Ballet two months ago (read about it here) Polunin, who became the Royal Ballet’s youngest principal two years ago, stunned the ballet world with his dramatic exit.  

Company director Monica Mason was understandably shocked: “This has obviously come as a huge shock. Sergei is a wonderful dancer and I have enjoyed watching him tremendously, both on stage and in the studio, over the past few years. I wish him every success in the future.”

Polunin seemed far less sentimental as he tweeted that he just had to get through one more night before making his next move!

Many ballet fans will be sorely disappointed at his decision to bow out of his career so soon. The dancer, who during his short time on stage has been likened to Nureyev and Baryshnikov, was due to perform Romeo in the company’s upcoming Romeo and Juliet this spring. 

Talking to The Guardian the feisty Polunin hinted that he wanted to be a rebel and open a tattoo parlour. He has certainly succeeded on the former count – What a waste of talent!